February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year and Shibuya

Happy Chinese New Year!  This weekend is a great weekend because there are three days of it.  Not because of Chinese New Year, though since the Japanese don't generally celebrate it all that much.  Yesterday Tabia had a little get together dinner at her place for the occasion.  It was fun to see some old friends and make new ones as well.  We talked about googling our own names to see what would pop up.  Someone found out his name is a comic book character, how cool is that?!  So today I googled my name hoping for similar results, but just found myself.  Boring, I know.  Though my LOOKBOOK did pop up. Here's my OOTD from a while back in Shibuya.  Isn't black on black on black a wonderful color combination?  It's a little too easy to put together, but always appears so sharp and edgy.

February 3, 2013

Shinjuku Weekend

Weekend in Shinjuku is so much fun.  Bowling, Karaoke, and Freshness Burger, yum.  Here's my OOTD.  I'm wearing one of my favorite grapic-t's from Uniqlo.  It's awesome cause of the little dude peeking our from beneath my jackets.  He also reminds me a bit of the surrealist painter Rene Magritte.  Must be the bowler hat.

Summer - Fall

November 17, 2012



Hello and welcome to our first official post!  Yaay~ Max and I went to Kawagoe with our friend Tabia, who kindly became the photographer of the day. Thanks Tabia for agreeing to take these great photos and letting us drag you around :) Check out more of Tabia at Tabitai.
It's just been getting a bit colder here in Japan lately, which is a HUGE relief!  As fun as summer was this year, it's great to have my apartment go from parked car temperature to room temperature again.  Plus, cold weather means fall fashion and layering!

Wish David could be with us :( He's back in college in AMERICA!, when he really should be in Nippon kicking it with us. On a side note here's a picture of the David's new desert boots, he took himself.  


For more of David's photography see daviddengphotography, pretty straight forward right? 
These shoes were bought to match my very own desert boot/heels.

And here's to Max The Great Third Wheel, he is loved by us too <3